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Snorkel for triathletes and runners?

for triathletes

In technical exercises, the professional and beginner alike are often distracted by their own breathing, a large part of the attention is needed for breathing. The athlete can no longer fully concentrate on the execution of the respective exercise.

With a swimming snorkel beginners and advanced can fully concentrate on the respective exercise or water position without being disturbed by their own body rotation. It also allows you to swim a longer distance in a relaxed way.

Beginners can first of all work on the water level and professionals can work on a specific problem.

The snorkel can be built in like paddles, PullBoy and fins in different training sessions.


for runners

Who hasn't heard from his doctor that swimming is the ideal sport for runners. Back and crawl swimming relieves the spine. The entire musculature as well as the cardiovascular system are challenged and supported. An improvement of the torso musculature, which especially runners need for long runs, is a nice side effect.

The regeneration after hard running units can also be stimulated by swimming.

The head position during breaststroke is not so good, as this leads to many problems. Now the objection of most runners is that they can't swim crawling.

The problem is usually the unusual breathing technique, a snorkel can help us with this.

How can a swimming snorkel help?

The swimming snorkel allows beginners to take a good position in the water without directly learning the unusual breathing technique. In this way, you can take advantage of the advantages of the ideal compensatory sport without being a super swimmer.