List of available training camps

Here is a short list of upcoming training camps from different providers!

A training camp is a useful extension of your training, especially for athletes who train alone. It is a great help to improve your own technique.

In a training camp, many athletes meet with different performances, so make sure that the training camp matches your level of performance. Do not exaggerate in the training camp!

The training champion in the camp is often at the back of the competition!

Main language in the Camp
21 Jan 202304 Feb 2023SpainFuerteventuraTriathlonUtz BrennerHannes Hawaii ToursGerman
03 Feb 202317 Feb 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonNicole & Lothar LederClub La SantaGerman
03 Feb 202309 Feb 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonJoe BeerClub La SantaEnglish
04 Feb 202318 Feb 2023SpainFuerteventuraTriathlonFaris Al SultanHannes Hawaii ToursGerman
05 Feb 202319 Feb 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonSonja TajsichSonja TajsichGerman
10 Feb 202324 Feb 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonRalf Eblipro.trainingtoursGerman
17 Feb 202303 Mar 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonStephan Vuckovic & TeamClub La SantaGerman
18 Feb 202304 Mar 2023SpainFuerteventuraTriathlonChristian & Ursula ManunzioHannes Hawaii ToursGerman
24 Feb 202309 Mar 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonAin-Alar Juhanson, Ben Price Club La SantaEnglish
24 Feb 202310 Mar 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonMatthias Fritschpro.trainingtoursGerman
04 Mar 202318 Mar 2023SpainMallorca / AlcudiaTriathlonMario Schmidt-WendlingHannes Hawaii ToursGerman
04 Mar 202318 Mar 2023SpainFuerteventuraTriathlonpower & pace / Ulrike SyringHannes Hawaii ToursGerman
05 Mar 202319 Mar 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonSonja TajsichSonja TajsichGerman
10 Mar 202324 Mar 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonLaura-Sophie Usingerpro.trainingtoursGerman
18 Mar 202301 Apr 2023SpainMallorcaTriathlonRalf Eblipro.trainingtoursGerman
01 Apr 202315 Apr 2023ItalyToscana / Marina di BibbonaTriathlonGeorg MantykGeorg MantykGerman
01 Apr 202315 Apr 2023SpainMallorcaTriathlonpro.trainingtoursGerman
23 Apr 202330 Apr 2023SpainMallorca / Santa PonsaTriathlonLudger RolingJorge Sports & TravelGerman
13 May 202320 May 2023SpainMallorcaTriathlonBennie LindbergHannes Hawaii ToursGerman
27 May 202303 Jun 2023GermanyImmenstadtTriathlonHannes Hawaii ToursGerman
02 Jun 202308 Jun 2023SpainLanzaroteTriathlonAin-Alar Juhanson, Ben PriceClub La SantaEnglish
22 Jul 202329 Jul 2023GermanyImmenstadtTriathlonHannes Hawaii ToursGerman

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