List of available training camps

Here is a short list of upcoming training camps from different providers!

A training camp is a useful extension of your training, especially for athletes who train alone. It is a great help to improve your own technique.

In a training camp, many athletes meet with different performances, so make sure that the training camp matches your level of performance. Do not exaggerate in the training camp!

The training champion in the camp is often at the back of the competition!

Main language in the Camp
29 Mar 202012 Apr 2020SpainMallorca / PagueraTriathlonJörg BirkelJORGE sports & travelGerman
03 Apr 202010 Apr 2020SpainMallorcaTriathlonausdauerakademie.deGerman
04 Apr 202018 Apr 2020ItalyToskana / Marina di BibbonaTriathlonGeorg Mantykleichterlaufen.deGerman
04 Apr 202018 Apr 2020SpainMallorcaTriathlonChristian Manunzio & Hannes BlaschkeHannes Hawaii TourGerman
04 Apr 202018 Apr 2020SpainAlcudiaTriathlonChristian Prochnowpro.trainingtoursGerman
04 Apr 202018 Apr 2020ItalyToskanaRun Bianca MeyerRunning CompanyGerman
10 Apr 202017 Apr 2020SpainMallorcaTriathlonausdauerakademie.deGerman
17 Apr 202024 Apr 2020SpainMallorcaRunwomen 2BFITGerman
18 Apr 202002 May 2020SpainMallorcaTriathlonNils GoerkeHannes Hawaii TourGerman
02 May 202009 May 2020SpainMallorcaBikeJörg BirkelJORGE sports & travelGerman
07 Jun 202014 Jun 2020ItalySt. Christina in GrödenRunAlbert RunggerHotel CendevavesGerman
12 Jun 202018 Jun 2020SpainLanzaroteSwimClub La SantaEnglish
14 Jun 202020 Jun 2020ItalySt. Christina in GrödenRunHotel CendevavesGerman
14 Aug 202020 Aug 2020SpainLanzaroteTriathlonClub La SantaEnglish

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