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Hi John Doe, you last planned a Long Distance at Sunday 28th of June 2020 .
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IRONMAN StoppuhrPacsestarter values
Event typeSpecial
your goal timecompetition
Swimming3.8 km01:06:0400:17:23
Cycling185 km05:40:2400:01:5032.6
Running42.195 km03:51:0800:05:2911
Finish time :10:44:36
You should achieve your expected finish time of 10:58:20 and possibly even exceed it!
You should at least have finished one medium-distance triathlon before!
Design your sport weeks Medaille Stift

pacestarter imagine a detailed weekly schedule.

For this, please spread the sports on the weekdays and avoid intensive and long units for two consecutive days. Try to spread all the options evenly according to your options, not every week pacestarter will use all training units.

In the first 3 weeks, pacestarter recommends that the weekly planning be tested and, if necessary, adjusted and then no longer changed.

It is not important to omit the one or the other unit, but you should not always change your training plan!

Day of the WeekSwimming?
2 day's to distribute
2 day's to distribute
4 day's to distribute

Your training plan

Training weeks
max. training hours
CWDateSwimBikeRun StrengthWeekDetails of the Week
130 Dec - 05 Jan 202001:5003:3004:0000:4010:00
206 Jan - 12 Jan 202001:5003:4004:1000:4010:20
313 Jan - 19 Jan 202002:0003:5004:2000:5011:00
420 Jan - 26 Jan 202001:3003:0003:2000:4008:30
527 Jan - 02 Feb 202001:5003:3004:0000:4010:00
603 Feb - 09 Feb 202001:5003:4004:1000:4010:20
710 Feb - 16 Feb 202002:0003:5004:2000:5011:00
817 Feb - 23 Feb 202001:3003:0003:2000:4008:30
924 Feb - 01 Mar 202002:0004:0004:3000:5011:20
1002 Mar - 08 Mar 202002:1004:1004:5000:5012:00
1109 Mar - 15 Mar 202002:1004:2005:0000:5012:20
1216 Mar - 22 Mar 202001:5003:3004:0000:4010:00
1323 Mar - 29 Mar 202002:0004:0004:3000:5011:20
1430 Mar - 05 Apr 202002:1004:1004:5000:5012:00
1506 Apr - 12 Apr 202002:1004:2005:0000:5012:20
1613 Apr - 19 Apr 202001:5003:3004:0000:4010:00
1720 Apr - 26 Apr 202002:2004:2005:0000:5012:30
1827 Apr - 03 May 202002:2007:0005:2001:0014:40
1904 May - 10 May 202001:5006:3604:1000:4012:36
2011 May - 17 May 202002:2014:0002:4001:0019:00
2118 May - 24 May 202001:5003:4004:1000:4010:20
2225 May - 31 May 202002:1004:1004:5000:5012:00
2301 Jun - 07 Jun 202002:2004:2005:0000:5012:30
2408 Jun - 14 Jun 202002:2004:4005:2001:0013:20
2515 Jun - 21 Jun 202001:2002:3002:5000:3007:10
2622 Jun - 28 Jun 202001:0002:0002:1000:2005:30
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What are the colors and symbols?

Pacestarter uses three periods. These are represented by the green lines in the plan. The colour variation from light green to dark green illustrates the increase in volume and intensity.

Within the periods, too, volume and intensity increase, resulting in a wave-formed performance increase, which has its maximum precisely at the main competition.

Pacestarter operates with intervals, which are recognized by your body as specific stimuli. This will make adjustments to the body and movements. The body can perform these adjustments only in resting phases. These rest periods are incorporated into the periods as "pause weeks" and characterised by the white lines. During these weeks, the training is slightly reduced.

In the orange area, you can increase or reduce the number of training weeks and the maximum number of hours of training.


zur Wochenansichtzur Wochenansicht The arrow in front of the calendar week brings you to your weekly plan.
To do this, you must first design the sports week (distribute the sports on the weekdays).

A tepee symbolises a training camp, with the respective colour one can directly recognise the sport.

Swim CampSwimming    Bike CampCycling     Swim Camp Running


A medal symbolises a competition and on the respective colour combination you can see the type of sport.

Triathon WettkampfTriathlon    Duathlon WettkampfDuathlon     Wettkampf LaufenRunning


Training camp Medaille Stift

Training camps are entered in the overview with a tepee symbol.

The colour varies according to the type of sport.  Swimming Cycling Running.

Training camps can only be created individually; only after being saved can another one be added.

SportsYearCalendar WeekDescription

Competitions for preparation Medaille Stift

Contests are entered in the overview with a medal symbol.

The colour varies according to the type of sport.  Swimming Cycling Running.

Competitions can only be created individually; only after being saved can another one be added.

Event typeDateDescriptionEvent