Running ABC is unfortunately neglected by most hobby athletes and is just as meaningful as stretching. Many athletes simply don't know the correct exercises or are afraid of a wrong execution. We at pacestarter have been looking for nice video tutorials where the execution is well explained! Not every youtube tutorial with the topic "Run ABC" is also useful!


Why would you do that?

During the running ABC many exercises are extremely exaggerated/exaggerated, which means that after many repetitions the body has internalized the movement patterns and stored them in memory. When running, these different movement patterns are combined to a technically more advantageous running style, the exaggerated movements together result in a more effective running style.

Another advantage is that we can activate muscle groups, which we might neglect in case of a special running style.

Run ABC works only after weeks and requires many repetitions!


Which exercises make sense?

There are a variety of different exercises that can be built into the training. We have searched Youtube for nice instructions and found a nice link you can find below!

Recommendation by pacestarter:

5 Exercises and exchange one exercise every week. This means that it is not so stupid and every exercise is still done for a few weeks.


The 5 different exercises, each approx. 25m and a short break after each exercise.

After a round, the whole thing again!


Experienced athletes can increase it a bit by increasing the number of exercises or doing 3 or 4 runs!

YOUTUBE Tutorial


Caution: Running ABC is more strenuous than you might think; -)