pace starter creates your training plan.

pacestarter calculates a free personal training plan for your next triathlon or running event.

pace starter plans for all distances.

Whether Triathlon people's distance, Olympic distance, middle distance, long distance or half marathon/marathon, your goal is important for creating an effective training plan. This personal training plan will get you in shape right up to the competition and ensure a successful conclusion.

Whether you just started with sport or are experienced, pacestarter will create a training plan which does not demand too much or too little from you. For some, finishing is what counts, while others want to achieve their personal best time.

And how does pace starter work?

You choose an event or a date. pacestarter will optimise your training for this competition on the basis of the periodisation of training-scientific concepts. 

Grafic periodic performance

With the periodisation, it is first determined in which individual competition the athlete wants to be in top form. Starting from this important competition, the training is organised backwards chronologically.  The volume and the intensity are thereby increased in waveform in such a way that the maximum performance level is achieved exactly at the main competition.

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